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Contextual advertising

Contextual advertising

We will increase sales by 200% or more. We will bring new clients: only targeted applications, instant results

  • Everything is transparent. Terms, prices

    We soberly assess the scale of projects. No new payments will appear during the work process.

  • Result guarantee

    We will bring targeted traffic or return your money! We are confident in the outcome of our strategy.

  • The Power of Analysis and Design

    Every step in our work is thought out and rational. We don't make pictures for the sake of beauty.

  • Team Integrity

    We combine the knowledge and experience of specialists from different fields to achieve the best results.

Cases on setting up contextual advertising

Dental Services Company

Dental Services Company

  • What did they promote?

    Yandex.Direct, Google Ads

  • For how long

    9 months

  • Location

    Tula, Moscow, Krasnodar, Lipetsk

  • Cost per click

    Before: 15 rub

    After: 7 rub

  • Conversion

    Before: ~17

    After: ~31

  • Application price

    Before: 1100 rub

    After: 500 rub

Certified agency. Our quality can be verified by certificates, but the best indicator is successful cases.

Certification according to Yandex Metrica
Certification according to Yandex Metrica
Yandex.Direct certification
Yandex.Direct certification

Advertising in Yandex.Direct


Advertising in Google Ads


Remarketing & Retargeting


YAN in Yandex


Google Display Network

Are deadlines running out?
We will fill out the form for you

Conscious design is the key to results

designer Vela

We know how to think like your target audience

Vela team

We will find problems in your customers' journey

Vela marketer

  • Let's discuss the tasks together

    A short interview with our specialist. It's quick and painless.

  • We will conduct market research and trends

    We know global trends in digital marketing.

  • We will offer the most competitive solutions

    We will offer the most competitive solutions

  • connect with us

Advice from VELA on advertising

Relevant announcements

Describe the benefits of your product or service in advertisements. It is important to attract the attention of users by offering them something interesting and unique. Use keywords in your ad copy to make it more relevant to users' search queries. Also, be sure to include a clear and concise call to action, such as “Order Now” or “Learn More.” You can also experiment with different titles and descriptions to see what works best.


Choosing the right keywords is an important aspect of successfully setting up contextual advertising in Yandex.Direct. Use keyword research tools to research which words and phrases are most often used by your target audience when searching for products or services related to your business. Diversify your keywords using broad, phrase, and exact matches to reach more potential customers. Monitor the performance of each keyword and regularly update your keyword list based on your analysis.

Target audience

Before you start setting up contextual advertising in Yandex.Direct, you need to determine your target audience. Understand the interests, behavior and preferences of potential customers. It is important to understand who your key target audience is in order to tailor your advertising to be as relevant as possible. When doing so, consider demographics, interests, region, and other parameters that may be important to your business. The better you understand your audience, the more accurate and effective your advertising will be.

Our approach and team


Founder / Creative Director


Project Manager


Head of SEO Department


UX/UI designer


Sales Manager


Web Designer


SEO specialist



We are principled in our work

  • #1
    Yandex approves

    SEO Ready - our projects are ready for promotion in Yandex and Google from the first day of launch.

  • #2
    Defining the Goal

    We find your audience and formulate the goals and objectives of the site.

  • #3
    Full immersion in the project

    We identify all the features of your business, all the functionality of the site will be worked out with full efficiency

The future belongs to the young, active and mobile. The future is us. Start a project with us.
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