Как понять, что нужен (ре)брендинг до того, как потратить бюджет на сайт или рекламную кампанию
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How to understand that you need (re)branding before spending budget on a website or advertising campaign

How to understand that you need (re)branding before spending budget on a website or advertising campaign



  • Determine what branded elements you have brand now
  • Assess whether the brand is perceived holistically
  • Check how competitive the current one is visual system
  • Website update or advertising campaign - effective solutions to grow loyalty audience or talk about changes in the company. But to launch them, the brand needs to have a visual system has been formed.
  • If there is no system, all communications are at risk look different. Then the consumer either does not a general idea of ​​the brand will be formed, or it will be incorrect. For example, it is difficult to sell expensive IT services, if the company logo looks like outdated, and other visual elements no identification. When people go to the site, they just don't will believe that the company is modern professional.
  • How to analyze a brand's visual system and understand that identity development is needed before updating website and preparation of an advertising campaign? Collected in help list of five points.

Determine what signature elements the brand has Now

  • Branded items are your brand’s “wardrobe”. AND there should be enough clothes for all occasions: add website, design a special project, make cards in social networks and so on. Logo, font system, corporate palette, graphic elements, photo style is the minimum set that allows the brand can grow organically across multiple channels communications, and not appear everywhere in the same “outfit”, which eventually bores the audience and is falling into disrepair.

See how Slack is perceived holistically. On the website, in social networks and inside the product, the visual develops harmoniously and sequentially due to the complex work of different elements. A wide color palette, illustrations, single photo style.

See if branded elements match brand positioning

  • Perhaps the brand's visual style has evolved spontaneously, which is why now you have a lot of scattered elements. Analyze this set and see whether the elements are combined in mood, style and goals. The slimmer the visual system, the more organic brand development from carrier to carrier.
  • See what your competitors look like. How are they develop your corporate identity in different channels? Can your brand identity compete with them? If there are no direct competitors, look at yours market segment as a whole.
Tip: collect screenshots of the site, media from social networks and photographs of physical media together. Look, how harmoniously they combine with each other, add up to a system and form a holistic perception.

If the analysis leads to a result like in the picture, it’s time apply for identity development.

Why do you need a unified corporate identity for a brand, and how does it work? Will it help you create a website or advertising company?

  • The visual concept solves two important problems - reveals the brand positioning and allows it organically develop from carrier to carrier.
  • When the visual system has sufficient number of elements, conveys the desired image and corresponds to modern ideas about good design, company communications are developing consistently and effectively. From an advertising banner the user goes to the site from the target subscribes to social networks, signs up for paid subscription in the application through the website. Good visual helps the user to recognize the product and use it them with pleasure.
  • Update on time and invest in development identities. This work allows you to develop your brand It’s logical to grow consumer loyalty, launch effective websites and advertising.

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